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Run Club

Run club runs at 7:00pm. We reward your hard work with 16oz for the price of 12oz and select $3.50 specials

* All running paces and ages welcome to join


Pint Night

Get 16oz for the price of 12oz

* Some exclusions apply


BOGO 1/2 Off Growler Fill

Buy one, get one half-off growler fills!


Tap Takeovers & Events

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Growler Fill Discounts

$2 off 64 oz. growler fills and $1 off 32 oz. growler fills.

Outside food is always welcome.

Craft beers on tap and growler refills - Tapline Growler
Craft beers on tap and growler refills - Tapline Growler

Upcoming Events

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Craft beers on tap and growler refills - Tapline Growler

What’s a Growler?

A Growler is a reusable jug mostly found in 32oz and 64 oz. sizes. The most common growlers are made of glass, but there are many different types available these days from plastic to steel to ceramic. Whatever type of growler you choose, it is reusable so you only have to buy it once!

Growlers are also very environmentally friendly eliminating waste of cans and bottles. Growlers are filled with your favorite beverage straight from the tap, sealed with a twist-cap, and labeled with its contents. Filled prices range anywhere from around $8 to $20.You must always refrigerate growlers. Doing so will give them a shelf-life of 7-10 days, or around 2-3 days once opened. While you have many choices in the type of growler you choose, they all have one thing in common. No matter what beer you choose to fill your growler with, you are guaranteed to have poor quality and poor tasting beer if you don’t clean and care for your growler properly.

Read below on how to properly care for your growler.

Caring for your Growler

Ultimately you are responsible for caring for your growlers to ensure you have the best tasting beer possible from each fill. When you bring a growler in, we will inspect it, clean and sanitize it for you. Have a TapLine growler? We will simply swap it out with a freshly cleaned, sanitized and cooled growler for you!

Here are some tips to remember once you have finished drinking your favorite craft beer:

      1. The best thing to do is clean your growler as soon as you are done drinking the sweet nectar that was inside. If you cannot wash it right away, be sure to keep the growler in a cooler or cool place to limit the ability for bacteria to grow.
      2. Rinse, rinse, rinse with hot water. Yes you read that right. Rinse your growler several times with hot water. Detergents or soaps are not necessary and can actually be a bad thing if residual detergent is left inside.
      3. Let your growler air dry upside down. Moisture left inside a growler promotes the growth of bacteria. Eww…
      4. Once your growler is clean and dry, store it with the cap OFF, but keep the cap to bring back with you.
      5. Bring your growler back to us for some more beer!
Craft beers on tap and growler refills - Tapline Growler

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you fill growlers other than your own?
A: Yes we do! If you already own a growler, we don’t want to make you buy another one like a lot of other places do. That just doesn’t make sense. Just make sure yours is clean and meets the legal requirements in size and has the proper warnings printed on it.

Q: You change your beers so often, how can I know what you have on tap before I come in?
A: Because we rotate our offerings so often, you might wonder what’s on tap. You can view our list of currently tapped beers, or our upcoming beers on the website. We also utilize a mobile application called Untappd that you can download to your smartphone for free. This app allows you to follow our location, view our live tap list and even get alerts when we tap a new craft beer.

Q: What events or tap takeovers do you have coming up?
A: We love to have fun, and we bet you do too. We often plan events and tap takeovers with food trucks on site. Check out our Facebook page or our event listings, for the latest upcoming shindigs.

Q: How much does a growler fill cost?
A: The price of a growler fill depends on the beer you choose to fill it with. Our fill prices range from $8 to $20.

Q: Do you have food?
A: We are not a restaurant and do not have a full scale menu. However, we do have some great nibbles available. We also have food trucks on hand during our events and you are always welcome to bring in your own food. We have several menus from nearby restaurants that will deliver.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: We love dogs. Like, a lot. As long as your dog is well behaved (and likes craft beer) your furry friend is welcome!

Q: Can I bring my kids?
A: We have 2 boys, Rylan who is 6 and Zachary who is 4. They are often there with us. Your kids are more than welcome to come inside with you. We have some games for the kiddos to play and we carry juice boxes and goldfish to keep them occupied. We just ask that you refrain from giving them a beer!

Q: I love your place, how can I leave a review for the world to see?
A: Well thank you, we love you too. We are a small business and the best way for us to grow is for you to share your experience with everyone you know. There are several ways for you to do this. We are listed on Yelp, Google Business and Facebook.

Craft beers on tap and growler refills - Tapline Growler

About Us

TapLine Growler is Holly Springs’ only family-owned and operated craft beer growler filling station and tasting room. We opened our doors in November 2015 and have 26 rotating taps of craft beer from all over the country. Our focus is on craft beer exploration and education. The craft beer experience is a journey and can be overwhelming. Whether you are new to craft beer or a seasoned veteran, we have something for you!

Our goal is to provide our customers with an experience that is different from that of a typical restaurant or bar. Want to sample several beers before getting a growler fill or a full pour? No problem. We want our customers to feel at home and not feel pressured. We are constantly rotating our tap list to ensure that we are not only providing the freshest beer possible, but to allow us to bring you new and exciting beers each and every time you visit.

Our Story

Owners Jessica and Justin met unexpectedly in Florida in 2005. Jessica, a Kindergarten school teacher at the time, and Justin hit it off immediately and married three years later. By 2010 they had relocated to Jacksonville, Florida and that’s when their love of craft beer really began to flourish. “We would drive to any local places with a good beer selection,” says Jessica, “and [we] always tried to seek out places when we traveled, but at the time the craft beer industry hadn’t really taken off in Florida yet.”

Jessica and Justin

Jessica and Justin

It was around this time that the couple welcomed their first child, Rylan, into the world. As new parents Jessica and Justin found that their love of craft beer had to be balanced against their responsibilities as parents.”We also had a beautiful newborn boy, Rylan, at home and not a lot of time to explore. So when we did, we wanted the stuff that was different and exciting.”

A year later an opportunity to relocate to North Carolina presented itself and the family pulled up stakes and moved north. While living in North Carolina Jessica and Justin continued to expand their beer knowledge, “Our love of beer continued to grow and we were always excited to learn about new styles and try new things,” says Jessica. “We would spend our date nights or dinners at a place with a good selection and talk to servers and bartenders about what was new and exciting.”

In 2012, the couple welcomed their second son, Zachary. Jessica recalls, “As blessed as I felt to be able to be a stay at home mom, after a while, I got the itch to get out and work again. Justin and I started talking about a business in beer. We really wanted to bring something to the community that was fresh and different. Something where people could constantly try new things and be exposed to new styles.”

Asked how she feels about her work-life balance now, Jessica responded, “My boys, the business and family time are what it’s all about. And of course our travels still include seeking out new breweries… After all, research is always important.”

Craft beers on tap and growler refills - Tapline Growler

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